Aga mean original, there are 3 original villages are still a live in there tradition. 

  Terunyan village :
    The village of Terunyan is lay on back of lake Batur or on the west foot of Abang
    hill of Kintamani district. It is a village in habitant by the 'Origins' of Bali Aga with
    its unique cultural aspects. This village is attainable only by boat from Kedisan village,
    crossing a long lake Batur in 30 minutes. 
    The name of Terunyan is derived from the words Taru and Menyan the smell of a 
    fragrant tree of incense which grown in that village. The villages consider that the
    tree is very important because the corpses of the dead person are just laid down
    on the open grave under the tree and left the faces open where as their bodies
    are simply covered by white clothes surrounded by ancak saji.
    This method of burying corpses is called Mepasah.

  Sembiran village :
    Sembiran village is one of the village called Bali Age which the eldest in Bali.
    Age oringinate from Sankrit , it means mountain , this really compatible with the
    location of the Sembiran village, there are in the mountain area, a few more Bali
    age villages, which were untouched by Majapahit influence during Majapahit era.   
    This village situated 30 kilometers south east of Singaraja.
    It is know for is sacred dance namely ; Baris Tumbak, Baris Gede, Baris Dadap, 
    Baris Prese, and Rejang.

  Tenganan  :
    Protected for centuries from the outside word by its surrounding walls, the village
    of Tenganan has maintained its ancient pre-Hindu customs. Unique ritual offering
    dances and gladiator like battles are enacted as they have been for centuries.
    Tenganan is famous for its "Double Ikat" woven cloth called Gringsing, which are 
    supposed to protect the wearer which magical power.
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