The Balinese people pray every day to show how they realy respect GOD. The majority of Balinese people feel it is important to pray every day, the Balinese people they have three(3) ways of worshipping their GOD. Those of three (3) are; 1) Worshipping by meditation which is called Janana Marga. 2) worshipping by doing good is called Karma Marga. 3) Worshipping by making offering which is called Bakti Marga. To do one of three is good, But if could do two is better and all of three is the best. While doing so they sacrifice like; Chicken, fruits, flowers and vegetables for their Lord. The ward ceremony in Indonesia is "Upacara" this means that the people in Bali truly believe and pray to the GOD by asking to purify their souls and cleanse them from satanic feelings. All Balinese people have different plant for what they want in this live, some of them want to go to heaven after they are dead to have a life everlasting, other want to stay at peace in this world and live for after, other want to die and return to this world as rich people. There are five(5) kinds of ceremonies or Yadnya in Balinese such as; 1) Dewa Yadnya, is the ceremonies addressed to the GOD it is done for welfare of the world and all its content. 2) Bhuta Yadnya, it is the ceremonies addressed to the spirits both for good and evil it is done which hopefully that the spirits will not disturb the human activities and their family its life. 3) Rsi Yadnya, the ceremonies addressed to the holy people or Hindu priest4).Pitra Yadnya, the ceremonies addressed to the ancestor done by their descendant as the sign to respected their ancestor. 4) Manusia Yadnya, the ceremonies addressed to the human being these ceremonies will be done from the baby still in the pregnant until the people die like ; Magedong-gedongan ceremony, nyambut in ceremony, tooth filling, marriage and Cremation ceremonies. At the ceremonies all the Balinese girls are look very beautiful, they carry on their head to a get high offerings for their GOD such as; banana, chicken,flowers, roast duck and other fruits, they walk in correct manner showing respect to the GOD. When they arrive at the temple they show great respect for the Balinese GODS. Many years ago the tradition was that the village women made the best "Gebogan"(offering) to carry on her head. Along time before the start of the ceremony, the women for some weeks would save money in order to be able to buy enough thing to make fantastically beautiful and tall Gebogan/offering to carry on their heads to pay homage to the GOD. The gamelan music is played from the very beginning of the ceremony. The sound of Balinese religious song along with the pleasant aroma from the burning incense and many flowers creates a mystic atmosphere in which the worshipers sense peace in their hearts than the priest commands the people to start praying at which time they do so. the final activity of the ceremony is called "NUNAS WANGSE PADA or TIRTA" Asking holy water. Some people sprinkle holy water. After that they perform "BIJA", This done by putting a holy rice into your eyebrow or forehead. Bija is white rice soaked in water made from the sap of a sandal wood tree. To conclude the day in relaxing enjoyable way there are many form of entertainment, like pupet shadow, pendet, an offering dance for the GOD, and "TABUH RAH" or cockfights is done one day before the temple ceremonies, there are a regular part of temple ceremonies, there are a convenient combination of excitement sport, gambling, and blood sacrifice, all rolled into one.
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