Tulamben, Karangasem, Bali - Indonesia
Welcome to the other face of Bali
  BALI is a volcanic island, area 5.700 sq km, population 3 milions. Its a country of ancient tradition, culturally rich, and a land of thousand temples. Truly a place for worship, a delight for family and for social gathering. Bali was shaped by the action of its volcanoes and Mt. Agung ( 3.142 m ) dominates the island. Its eruption in 1963, has produced the rich black fertile soil that nourishes the surrounding lush growth, where the rice terraces sculpt the landscape. But in north - coast of Bali, Tulamben Village - by nature - there are no lush rice fields. Why is Tulamben so popular especially with people who love the sea ? The reason is that right on the beach in front of the Emerald Tulamben Beach Hotel, just a few meters away is a dream diving site - the wreck of a " US Liberty " ship, a sunken World War II vessel, which stretches more than 100 meters on the sandy underwater sea-bed. The wreck is at 30 meters depth and surrounded by myriad of the most splendid and colourful fishes. Tulamben is in a sleepy fishing village which has become a diving resort in 1978.

Only one place in Bali
Emerald Tulamben Beach Hotel, commands both a spectacular ocean view and a breathtaking view of Mt. Agung, the highest mountain of Bali, rising into the deep blue sky. Here on a secluded beach site, our hotel provides warm hospitality and brings you close to mother nature, both on the land and below the sea.

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